From the EV community to the EV community

We consider every EV lover, EV owner and basically every environmentalist in the country as our partners.. Whatever our recent success was entirely due to these amazing partnerships..

If interested, one can also become a business partner of Green Frontiers EV Charging Network (GF for short ? it’s easier to remember 😊) as well. Not to say that being a business partner is anymore important than being a community partner and a well wisher, just that you can choose to be one if you like.

Becoming one is easy, once you either invest in a charging station or facilitate GF to host a station at your premises, you are done!

We enforce only a brief set of practices around that we can unite.

  1. No memberships or any other mechanisms which introduces hidden unfair costs for end users.
  2. Adhering to commonly agreed rates across the network. (currently, it is Rs 45 – 50, per KWH of DC electricity)
  3. Quality service with safety, friendliness and openness.
  4. Integrated and closely co-ordinated network of stations and services through which we can offer better and total services to the EV community.

Some of our current business partners :

  • Shenzhen Setec power (Pvt)Ltd – China
  • Solar Life Technologies
  • Samrin Holdings
  • RTS Petroleum, Rathnapura
  • Aradhana Filling Station and Fuel Transport Services, Galle.
  • E- Car City
  • Kinro – Kottawa
  • Car Master(Pvt)Ltd Mahawewa
  • Green Star Solar (Pvt)Ltd
  • Thilini’s Family Restaurant
  • (GallZone)
  • Aproma Energy solution
  • PASS- Polgolla Auto mobile service station
  • Hiran Enterprise
  • Jayani Enterprise
  • Sahan Cabs


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